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Humanity has make huge advancements seen in the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, information revolution, and civilization. Human desire continues to increase without end. Especially in the whirlpool of globalization of this century, our "desire" is about to transform us into a society beyond imagination such as supercomputers, AI, and androids. On the other hand, what happens to the human beings? I am seeking "yes" (substance richness), and in actuality I feel like I’m heading towards "no" (abandonment of existence). Hope and disillusionment for science, human beings are "happiness". I think that it is time to differentiate value from "substance richness". The opportunity to think, feel, and find becomes more difficult as the amount of information increases. Science without philosophy is madness and the significance of the art of this century is that it is a tool to create new consciousness and values to be the significance of existence of society, not for galleries but for society. I thought about creating a laboratory (place of experiment), I decided to take action.

What is art in the 21st century?

"Art" A modeled object produced by hand dealing with human dexterity. It is also a symbol of authority at the same time, in capitalism and liberal society it became an authoritative possession of the privileged class. In addition, in the recent global economy (capitalism based on money, which Mr. Adam Smith could not have assumed), art became of remarkable value as a speculative object. Also, assuming that all the arts until the first half of the 20th century were concluded by Marcel Duchamp, postwar occupational painters are losing their significance of existence due to the development of many reproduction techniques.
So, what kind of expansion will be in the 21st century? As you can see from the trends of 70 years past war, the activities of artists are closer to science and social movements. Especially the trends of the 60's, the most noteworthy era. Future arts will require expression to convey truth to society. The development of information and technology advances the decline of traditional mass media, makes it harder to see "truth", and leads to confusion of human thought. I can imagine that the days of AI and Android mainstream will eventually suffer from the dignity as human beings and the meaning of life. However, we believe that we can find value in living conversely through artistic expression (expression of people with special sensibilities such as repulsion, reactionary, fantasy, hallucination against society). Therefore, rather than "art", I think that the term avant-garde expression is more accurate. Artistic creation of this century will become a hint to the creation of new consciousness of mankind that turns into material, I am anxious to experience a world where anyone can go into the world without conflict or discrimination.

Introduction to AF-LABO

Activity · Exhibition planning exhibition at gallery
· Publishing business Development and promotion business of artists, critics, curators and dealers
· NEO-UKIYOE Enlightenment Promotion Activities
· Holding lectures, discussions, study sessions, etc.
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